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All The Things You Have To Know When It Comes To FPV Racing

Drones are the newest craze in the technological world. Drones provided technology enthusiasts with a whole new way of looking at things. One of the things that increased the demand for drones is FPV racing. FPV racing has evolved from being a game to becoming a sport that has been gaining favor in the west through the years. FPV racing is the type of sport wherein both racing and droning are combined. FPV racing is typically more thrilling and fun to watch when conducted in cordoned areas specifically made for racing drones.

How to Begin

For beginners, quadcopters are a better choice since its learning curve is much less steeper than the advanced drones used for actual FPV racing. Bottomline is, start with a drone–a quadcopter–that is much easier to pilot, hone your piloting skills first, then move to the more advance drones.
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Attend Some Classes
5 Uses For Drones

There are many FPV race piloting courses offered out there that teaches you how to focus and pilot the more faster drones. There are also what most people call “spec” classes wherein there’s both an open and beginners class that permits the use of any type of quadcopter in a mock race or open competition.

Create A Group

FPV races also have teams from around the globe that participates in races. FPV racing equipments are usually handled the team. As an example, all the drones the Team Blackout pilot uses when racing is handled by none other than Team Blackout itself.

Be Cautious

There are incidences where pilots and staff are hurt during an FPV race. With that in mind, precautions are certainly in order. As a precautionary measure, beginners are restricted to pilot micro quads instead of the machine racer, which is more catered to advanced drone pilots. Before you race with your drone, make sure that the video channel is free to broadcast. Also, the general rule of not driving when intoxicated applies to FPV racing.

Categories of Races

Rotor-cross races are makes use of a single or a pair of multi-copters to cross the finish line of a designated race course first.

Drone drag racing is similar to car drag racing: whoever gets to the finish line of 100 meter stretch first wins.

Drone Time Trials measures the time it takes for a drone to complete a lap in a designated race course.

The resemblance of this with rotor-cross racing is uncanny.

The necessary safety measures must be taken in order to make FPV racing a fun sport.

Thanks to drones, seeing the world from a viewpoint previously reserved for airline pilots are now possible for the average consumer.

Advancements in FPV systems in recent years allows people who little to no experience at all to fly drones.